All About IGF-1

If you're looking for information regarding the use of IGF-1 liposprays, you're in the right place.

IGF-1 Benefits

The actual benefits offered by IGF-1 are few, but the ones they do offer are very great indeed.

  • anti-aging
  • increased muscular development

The two things listed above are the two main applications in which IGF-1 sprays and tablets are used. The real question, though, is whether or not these supplements can do even those two things. There have been no scientific studies which definitively prove either side, so that leaves it up to debate between previous and potential IGF users.

IGF-1 Side Effects

The side effects that this stuff could potentially cause are quite scary and could even be said to outweigh any benefits it offers. However, it seems that whether the benefits are worth the side effects is really up to the individual, as some will experience more serious side effects than others. The most serious potential side effect - cancer - is one that should not be taken lightly, and is assuredly not worth any amount of muscle gain or anti-aging.